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Welcome to Team SOG, one of Maryland’s premier airsoft teams. We're a dedicated team of airsoft enthusiast who take the sport seriously but have a lot of fun in the process. Even though we like to play seriously we don’t let egos get in the way. This makes for a much more enjoyable airsoft experience. We play on approximately 130 privately held acres in Sparks, MD. If you’re interested in joining our ranks, finding out more about who we are, or just coming out one Sunday for a little fun, feel free to browse around the site and drop us a line so we can provide you with directions and any other info you may need. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, you’ll fit in well with Team SOG. We play every Sunday year round. We have numerous and varying game scenarios that we play and we are always open to new ideas. We always have a fun time, but be prepared to be challenged by both the players and the terrain. Between games on Sunday’s we congregate at the SOG Outpost and chew the fat a bit. At lunch time we grill out so no one goes hungry. In the winter months we have two command tents each with a wood burning stove to provide some much needed warmth from the elements Besides our normal Sunday games we periodically host Ops at our field which can draw upwards of 100+ players. We also travel to larger regional Ops to test our skills against other teams. If you’re new to the sport, don’t be intimidated. We’ve all been there before. We welcome everyone and we’re always more than happy to share our skills and knowledge to help you improve as a player. Kids are welcome too, as often many of the members bring their own children out to play. However, we are not a babysitting service. A days play at the field is $20 per person and this also includes a hearty lunch. We normally grill out and provide hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken patties, chips, water and soda.
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If you wish to contact SOG Maryland, please forward all emails to or send us a message on our Facebook page which can be reached using this URL -

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